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    Currently, the existing content of this website is updated and maintained. No new content is added.

    Transfer to InGRID-2 project

    The content of this website is currently managed by the InGRID-2 project.

    InGRID is a network of distributed, but integrating European research infrastructures. A research infrastructure is a facility or platform that provides the scientific community with resources and services to conduct top-level research in their respective fields.

    InGRID research infrastructures serve the social sciences community, that wants to make an evidence-based contribution to a European policy strategy of inclusive growth. This research community focuses on social in/exclusion, vulnerability-at-work and related social and labour market policies from a European comparative perspective. Key tools in this social science research are all types of data: statistics on earnings, administrative social data, labour market data, surveys of quality of life or working conditions, and policy indicators.

    An online research portal will be the gateway to the integrated research infrastructure InGRID. The portal is a lightweight research platform including metadata on relevant (trans)national data infrastructures in the fields of working conditions, vulnerability, poverty and living conditions. Its aim is to facilitate and serve the European research community on inclusive growth.

    The information of EDAC will be included in the new InGRID e-portal. Until the launch of the new e-portal, the information will be updated and maintained by InGRID on this EDAC website.

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