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Clicking on a survey below will show you general information about it, as well as links to its data and questionnaires.

Included are surveys at the micro-level of individuals and households (that measure work, income and household situations), as well as surveys at the meso-level of firms and organisations (that measure various work and employment practices) .

  • CNEF : Cross-National Equivalent File
  • ECHP : European Community Household Panel

    Other comparative surveys:
  • ECS : European Company Survey
  • ESWT : European Survey on Working Time and Work-life Balance
  • EU LFS : European Union Labour Force Survey
  • EU-SILC : European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions
  • FFS : Fertility and Family Survey
  • GGP : Generations and Gender Programme 
  • IALS : International Adult Literacy Study
  • LIS : Luxembourg Income Study Database
  • LWS : Luxembourg Wealth Study
  • PIRLS : Progress in International Reading Literacy Study
  • SES : European Union Structure of Earnings Survey
  • SHARE : Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe
  • TIMSS : Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study
  • WHS : World Health Survey