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The international search engines below allow keyword search in the codebooks and/or questionnaires of a number of national and international social surveys.

  • CESSDA Data Portal : The Data Portal of the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives provides a seamless interface to datasets from 13 social science data archives across Europe. The data may be located in several ways: free text search, browse by topic, browse by keyword, and browse by data publisher.
  • Variable and Question Bank : Variable and Question Bank, previously known as 'The Question Bank' is a UK-based website designed to help users locate examples of specific survey research questions and see them in the context within which they have been used for data collection. 'The Question Bank' has joined the UK Data Service which led to it's new version 'Variable and Question Bank'. It is intended to assist with the design of new survey questionnaires, the search for data for secondary analysis, and the teaching of survey research methods. Its emphasis is on UK surveys, but it also covers the "European Community Household Panel", and the "European Social Survey".