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In 2006 EDAC was initially established as an initiative under the EU Framework 6 Network of Excellence "Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe". With this network coming to a close in 2011, EDAC has later been hosted by LISER (Luxemburg) and coordinated by Prof. Wim van Oorschot, Leuven University, Belgium.

Currently, the content on this website is managed by the InGRID-2 project. InGRID is a network of distributed, but integrating European research infrastructures, which serves the social sciences community, that wants to make an evidence-based contribution to a European policy strategy of inclusive growth.

For more information on this project, see our website.

The EDAC Team

Coordinator: Prof. Wim van Oorschot, Center for Sociological Research CESO, KU Leuven, Belgium, The Netherlands, w.v.oorschot@gmail.com

The EDAC Advisory Board

  • Ekkehard Mochmann, former head of Zentral Archiv, University of Cologne
  • Trudie Knijn, co-chair of ESPAnet
  • Denis Bouget, Nantes University