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Eurofound European Quality of Life Survey Dataset  , EQLS

    For details on all aspects of this database, see Eurofound

1. General description

    Eurofound Family indicators is a section of the Eurofound interactive database on quality of life in Europe. Its website offers quantitative and quantified indicators drawn from surveys of the European Foundation and from other published sources. The data cover 34 countries and the period 1990-2012.

2. Main topics

  • Age of woman at first birth
  • Caring for ill, disabled or elderly in the home
  • Divorce rate
  • Family satisfaction
  • Feeling left out of family
  • Satisfaction with family life
  • Too much family responsibilities (more than fair share of)
  • Households
  • Single parent households
  • Single person households
  • Importance of family
  • Marriage
  • Mean age at first marriage
  • Non-marital births
  • Support from family members

3. Data

  • Quantitative data
  • Macro-level data (macro data and aggregated micro data), objective and subjective
  • Years covered by the data differ per indicator and country. The overall time range is 2003-2012

4. Countries covered

  • 34 countries: EU-27 and Croatia, Iceland, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and Kosovo

5. Keyword search facility on website

    Yes, at Eurofound. This search facility allows searches by topic

6. Data access

  • Database accessible at UK Dataservice 
  • Per variable
  • Tabulation
  • Analysis: correlation and regression
  • Registration required
  • Prefabricated tables accessible; at Eurofound
  • Per indicator
  • Web tabulator that produces frequencies and charts, by modification of the prefabricated tables
  • Data export via Excel 
  • Per country, year and topic
  • Free of charge, no registration required

7. Additional information