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The GGP Contextual Database , CDB

1. General description

    • The Generations and Gender Contextual Database (CDB) is part of the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP). This programme consists of two main components, the Longitudinal Survey, which collects information on the individual level and the Contextual Database. The Contextual Database complements the GGP Survey by providing variables that measure the higher-level context of behaviour studied on the micro level. The GGP is coordinated by the United Nations Commission for Europe. The Generations and Gender Contextual Database is hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research. The database contains around 200 comparative indicators on topics closely linked to the GGP for 12 countries. Here we focus on indicators data. For information on the micro data, see the GGP in our category ‘opinions surveys’ and‘socio-economic surveys’.    For more information on the policy data, see the GGP Survey in the subcategories regarding the section ‘Policies and Institutions’:Income and BenefitsSocial careEducationHealthPolitics and Election

    2. Main topics

      • Demography
      • Economy and social aspects
      • Labour and employment
      • Unemployment
      • Childcare
      • Education
      • Health
      • Pension
      • Culture
      • Tax and benefit 

      3. Data

        • Quantitative and qualitative data
        • Macro-level data 
        • The overall period is 1970-2010. Periods covered by the data differ per indicator. 

        4. Countries covered

          • 12 countries
          • All countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia

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          6. Data access

            • Data downloadable in Excel format for the twelve countries from: the Contextual Data Collection.
            • Per country and topic
            • Free of charge, no registration required
            • Database accessible online at: GGP
            • Prefabricated tables downloadable in CSV format
            • Per country and topic
            • Free of charge, no registration required
            • Available indicators per country downloadable in Excel format at GGP
            • Free of charge, no registration required

            7. Additional information