Domestic Dipping: Pools and Jacuzzis at Home

Few things in life are as satisfying as taking a dip in a pool or Jacuzzi without having to leave the comfort of your home. This blogsite focuses on how to buy and maintain a pool, Jacuzzi or hot tub (all of which have serious health benefits) with minimal cost and aggravation.

Here, readers will find helpful advice and recommendations on the best ways to go about installing a pool or Jacuzzi on their property. This site also features information on how to keep your pool or Jacuzzi clean to ensure that your domestic dipping experience is always as soothing as it should be.

How to Clean a Pool

28 May 2022

Cleaning a pool should really be done daily and will take around 10 minutes. The first task should always be to remove any floating debris or dead leaves. Any sediment clinging to the pool walls should be brushed away. Checking the pump and adding the necessary chemicals is next.

Installing a Jacuzzi at Home

19 Apr 2022

Installing a jacuzzi at home is surprisingly straightforward and should only take five hours. The most critical aspect is ensuring that the tub will sit on solid ground. Bear in mind that it will need to be emptied several times per year, so place it near an existing drain.

Problems with Jacuzzis

12 Mar 2022

The majority of the time, a jacuzzi should run smoothly, but some problems may occur. These include the motor no longer running, the jets becoming weaker, or the water intake being clogged. In addition, a common cause of the water not warming up is if the heater has become corroded.